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V 12 no 1 to V 15 no 23 343.pdf
A critique of the Cuba protest meeting and Marcuse's position there.

V 12 no 1 to V 15 no 23 343.pdf
A clarification of the author's (unknown) article.

V 12 no 1 to V 15 no 23 342.pdf
Article disapproving of the Cuba protest meeting.

V 12 no 1 to V 15 no 23 342.pdf
Article supporting Marcuse's reply to the Cuba meeting controversy.

V 28 no. 1- V29 no. 28 545.pdf
Account of a talk at Brandeis by Angela Davis about racism in the US. She also spoke about her time at Brandeis and mentioned Marcuse as a mentor.

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 457.pdf
Marcuse spoke at General Education S about Aneurin Bevan and democratic socialism.
(photo of Marcuse)

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 335.pdf
Article announcing various faculty movements. Marcuse taking a semester at the Ecole Pratique des Haute Etudes in Paris.

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 264.pdf
Article by Herbert Marcuse about why he disapproved of a debate held with a Communist.

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 165.pdf
Announces the publication of 'Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis'
(photo of Marcuse)

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 91.pdf
Announces Marcuse receiving tenure.

V 9 no.1-V 11 no.26 14.pdf
Announcement that Marcuse received a Fulbright Grant to the Ecole Pratique de Haute Etudes in Paris and will leave Brandeis for a semester.

V 3 no.8-V8 no.14 361.pdf
Account of a General Education S session on James Wechsler and various reactions to it and opinions on Communism.

V 3 no.8-V8 no.14 299.pdf
Article announcing addition of Marcuse to Brandeis.

V 3 no.8-V8 no.14 65.pdf
Article about Profs. Fischer and Marcuse's opinions on the political situation and the resignation of Premier Malenkov and the rise of Marshall Bulganin in the USSR.

V 3 no.8-V8 no.14 31.pdf
An announcement of a showing of 'Triumph of the Will,' a Nazi propaganda film to be introduced by Marcuse.

V 20 no 1-V22 no. 23 454.pdf
A letter to the editor stating that Herbert Marcuse would be a good choice for the position of University Professor.

V 20 no 1-V22 no. 23 60.pdf
The Transitional Year Program announced a lecture series on the topic of "the relation between the educational process and social change." Marcuse was to give one of the lectures

V 16, no.1-v.19,no.24 552.pdf
A book review of 'A Critique of Pure Tolerance' by Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, Jr. and Herbert Marcuse

A photo of Marcuse teaching

Photo of Herbert Marcuse with shell ashtray.

Photo of Herbert Marcuse

V 16, no.1-v.19,no.24 474.pdf
Editorial condemning President Sachar as out-of-touch with students and bullying of both students and faculty, using Marcuse's refusal of tenure extension as an example.

V 16, no.1-v.19,no.24 438.pdf
Text of a petition being circulated by some students condemning the actions of the administration as concerns Marcuse.

V 16, no.1-v.19,no.24 438.pdf
Quote from Faculty Dean Leonard Levy on Marcuse "affair"
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