"New Books: Marcuse, Fischer Volumes Analyze Russian History"


"New Books: Marcuse, Fischer Volumes Analyze Russian History"


March 24, 1958


Announces the publication of 'Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis'
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"Dr. Herbert Marcuse, Professor of Politics and Philosophy and Chairman of the Committee in the History of Ideas, is the author of Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis, which was released this week by the Columbia University Press. ... Marcuse has been a fellow at the Russian Institute of Columbia University, as well as at the Harvard Russian center."
"To explain some of the general direction and some of the major changes in Soviet Marxism, Marcuse's volume considers the historical reality behind Soviet doctrine from the point of view of its basic Marxian concepts. He reexamines these concepts in light of the historical development that has made them determining factors in the Soviet system. This 'immanent critique,' as he calls it, gives meaning to much that is commonly written off as 'Kremlin propaganda.' He explains: 'The extreme poverty and even dishonesty of Soviet theory would not vitiate the basic relations between theory and reality but would itself provide a clue for the factors which engendered the obvious theoretical deficiencies.'
Marcuse then analyzes the Soviet doctrine through Leninism, Stalinism, and post-Stalinism, defining its apparently shifting aspects in terms of stages of development which are logical within the system. He also shows how the Soviet pragmatic ethical code is an integral part of the social dynamic of the Soviet state."

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