"Marcuse Recipient of Grant: Talks About Plans for Leave"


"Marcuse Recipient of Grant: Talks About Plans for Leave"


January 12, 1959


Announcement that Marcuse received a Fulbright Grant to the Ecole Pratique de Haute Etudes in Paris and will leave Brandeis for a semester.


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Herbert Marcuse -- Brandeis University
Herbert Marcuse -- Brandeis University -- lectures


The Justice


Brandeis University Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections


"Dr. Herbert Marcuse, Professor of Politics and Philosophy is the recipient of a Fulbright Grant to the Ecole Pratique de Haute Etudes in Paris. He will be absent from Brandeis during the next semester to present there a series of lectures dealing with the 'Cultural Changes in Advanced Industrial Society.' Within the framework of these series, analysis of political behavior, philosophical thought, language and those other characteristics indicative of the present form of advanced industrial civilization will be discussed, Marcuse reported to the 'Justice.' 'In contrasting these tendencies with those prevalent at preceding stages of Western Culture the question arises as to whether the present trends represent not merely another stage in the evolution of the culture but rather a rupture with this culture and the emergence of a new strcture.' (sic)
A resultant of this structure is a manifest in the 'one dimensional thought and behavior' now existent. All ideas and values which go beyond the established system cannot be maintained. They are either absorbed into the system, rejected by it, or subject to a loss of meaning. An indication of the direct repercussions of this situation in the political realm is evident in the increased whittling away of effective opposition to the people in possession of power. In the philosophical sphere, Marcuse sees in the contemorary (sic) analytic school the proclivity to reject all problems which cannot be verified in terms of actual operations."

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