"Gen Ed Features Schary; Wechsler Scored by Howe"


"Gen Ed Features Schary; Wechsler Scored by Howe"


October 26, 1954


Account of a General Education S session on James Wechsler and various reactions to it and opinions on Communism.


unknown reporter


Herbert Marcuse -- Brandeis University
Herbert Marcuse -- Brandeis University -- lectures


The Justice


Brandeis University Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections


"Dr. Marcuse, the first panelist, was favorably impressed by the questions asked of Wechsler last week. 'The students appeared interested and unafraid,' he said, and added that last week's session, had been one of the most pleasant experiences of his university career. Marcuse went on to a brief analysis of communism as a World movement, pointing out that the American Communist Party never has been a significant part of this movement, but rather had been characterized by 'infantilism'. The main attraction of communism today, he stated, is its promise of better living conditions for people in underdeveloped areas. Although this might appear ludicrous to Americans, he continued, we must not forget that communism has declared open war on the status quo, and that our concern with the means employed to bring about a change is not shared by other, less well-informed peoples. He recalled Hegel's statement: 'World history is a slaughter-bench on which individuals are sacrificed to ideas.'"

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