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These are the members of the Spring 2014 Copley Lab whose work you see in the exhibits linked to this one. Jane Kamensky, Harry S. Truman Professor of American History at Brandeis, taught the class. Debra Sarlin, Digital Teaching & Learning Designer and the Digital Fellow (aka, DigiDame), co-taught the lab sections as participants explored a range of different digital tools for conducting and then displaying class research.

The student members of the lab pictured above are, in alphabetical order:

Haley Coopersmith, a junior majoring in Art History

Daniela Dimitrova, a sophomore majoring in Art History

Lianne Gross, a sophomore majoring in History and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, with a minor in Education.

Anna Khomina, a senior majoring in Art History

Jessica Podhorcer, a junior majoring in History and minoring in Medieval/ Renaissance Studies

Maya Riser-Kosistsky, a senior majoring in History and English

Zoe J. Waldman, a sophomore majoring in History and American Studies, with a minor in Legal Studies

Brandeis alumna Nina Mayer (BA, '69) audited the class.

Copley Lab members Portrait

image by drs

Meet the Copley Lab