About Copley's World

In the spring of 2014, Jane Kamensky (HIST) and Debra Sarlin (LTS) worked with seven undergraduates enrolled in the course titled "Copley's World: A Humanities Research Lab." The members of the class completed a set of assignments in common. Each student also created her own exhibit to showcase a research-intensive final project focused on the life, art, or times of the painter John Singleton Copley.

JSC Anna Dani Haley
Example of Course Assignments
Gallery Talks
Costume, Class & Copley In Search of
Susanna Copley
Mapping Daniel Rogers: From Boston to Bentonville
  Anna Khomina Daniela Dimitrova Haley Coopersmith
zoe Maya Jess Lianne - Copley and twitter
John Singleton Copley and The Boston Tea Party: An American Painter’s Perspective on the Unfolding Revolution Alleviating the pain of separation: transatlantic family relations at the turn of the nineteenth century Copley Correspondence Collection: Cross-Continental Contact John Singleton Copley and Henry Pelham Share Their Letters on Twitterverse
Zoe J. Waldman Maya Riser-Kositsky Jessica Podhorcer Lianne Gross


Jane Kamensky and the students in History 156, Spring 2014