Marcuse Correspondence and Newspaper Articles


Marcuse Correspondence and Newspaper Articles


Correspondence and newspaper article written by and written about Herbert Marcuse.


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Herbert Marcuse


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Herbert Marcuse

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Letter from Inge S. Neumann to George Alpert
Letter from Inge S. Neumann to George Alpert informing him that Mr. Marcuse has left New York for London and that she will forward Marcuse's Brandeis contract to him there.

"Terror and Revolution" Letter to the Editor
The letter makes a distinction between radicalism and extremism and argues against "violence careerist[s]." "'Liberalistic violence' owes much more to 'Bonnie and Clyde' than to Marx, Marcuse, or Fanon."

"The Phoenix Papers: A Few Fleeting Incomprehensibilities"
The article argues that there is no time for a revolution and the mess it will make. Includes cartoon of "Herbert Marcuse running through the woods with his blunderbuss."

"Angela for President?"
Article about alumni plans to nominate Angela Davis for Alumni Association president. Mentions Marcuse as a progressive who has been "forced off the Brandeis Faculty."

"New Left Philosophy 'All We Are Saying'" Book Review
Book review of 'All We Are Saying' book of New Left philosophy in which Marcuse has a article

"Free Angela!" Letter to the Editor
States the author's support of Angela Davis and the failure of Brandeis to "pacify, to condition; most importantly it has failed to convince many others besides Angela that they should take up their places as the petty bourgeoisie or the bourgeoisie…

"History of Ideas Chairman to Resign"
Prof. Alasdair MacIntyre resigning from Brandeis, "latest in a series of resignations by distinguished senior faculty in the department, including Herbert Marcuse, Frank Manuel and Stephen Toulmin."

"Boston Area Lectures"
Ford Hall Forum lecture by Marcuse to be held Oct 11, 1970

"Stagnation" Letter to the Editor
Uses Marcuse as example of past Brandeis radicalism, argues against the University becoming more conventional for the purpose of financial stability

"Rosenberg" Letter to the Editor
Letter calls for an investigation into the president's veto of Prof. Larry Rosenberg's tenure recommendation and likens it to the departure of other professors, including Marcuse.

"Professors Dispel Myths, Define Goals of ACLU in Panel Discussion"
Panel of Prof. Jerry Cohen (American Studies), Prof. James Kloppenberg (HIST) and Boston Law School Prof. Charles Baron talking about the goals and purposes of the ACLU. Reference Marcuse's 'Repressive Tolerance.'

"Brandeis and the Justice at 40 - 1958-1967"
Presents history of Brandeis from 1958-1967, including departure of Herbert Marcuse in 1964

"Brandeis Talks: What has been your most memorable experience at Brandeis?"
Professors share their memories of Brandeis, Prof. Maurice Stein (SOC) remembers Marcuse.

"Focus on Alumni: For Women in Law, A Tough Road Ahead"
Experiences of Aviva Furorian '59 as a lawyer, includes her feelings about Marcuse

"Comment: A Farewell to Arms"
Exit article by The Justice's Editor in Chief, second page, mentions Marcuse as faculty advisor

"SDS Conference on Education: Goodman, Sacks, Marcuse Speak"
Report on Students for a Democratic Society's Conference on University Reform, during which Marcuse spoke on "The University and the Cold War."

"Marcuse Lecture: Truth vs U.S. Interests"
Marcuse discusses the role of the university and the student in bringing change and ending the Cold War. Marcuse asserts that universities must teach the truth and that students must prioritize their humanness over their citizenship and that this…

"Philosophy: Thesis and Antithesis: No Synthesis Here"
Critical review of the Philosophy department. Argues that almost all of the professors in the department are in the British school, with only Marcuse in the Continental school.

"Aberle and Gough Resign University Posts; Open Letter Charges Academic Infringements"
Resignation of David F. Aberle and Kathleen Gough Aberle, of the Anthropology dept., over conflicts with President Sachar over Gough's speech at a rally about the Cuban Crisis, at which Marcuse also spoke.

"Panel, Party, Play Scheduled For Junior-Parent Weekend"
Junior-Parent weekend activities, which include a faculty panel that included Marcuse

"Caustic Celebre" Letter to the Editor
Letter to the editor argues against rash actions of Prof. Gough and states that Brandeis has been a haven for victimized professors like Marcuse.

"Annual Brandeis Faculty Turnover Leaves University Three Ahead"
List of professors leaving, hired and on leave. Marcuse's was a "temporary departure"

"Vision or Vicious" Letter to the editor
Marcuse writes to condemn a previous letter to the editor. "I wish to express my contempt for the stupid and tactless letter 'The Charismatic Vision' as printed on page two of the Justice on April 18, 1961.
Herbert Marcuse"

"Rebuttal" Letter to the Editor
Marcuse corrects Prof. Sussman's previous letter to the editor, writing that he was not victimized by McCarthyism.

"Faculty Group Joins AAUP; Will Investigate Gough Issue"
Brandeis professors formed a chapter of the American Association of University Professors. Herbert Marcuse was elected an at-large member of the executive committee.
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